About Mark Espley | Panoramic digital & black and white artwork


Welcome to the Mark Espley Gallery. My name is Mark Espley and I am currently living in the fascinating city of Tokyo.

Originally from Dorset in the U.K. I studied construction and spent many very enjoyable years restoring old buildings in Oxfordshire. It was hugely rewarding to feel that one’s hard work had brought them back to life and often re-invented them.

A personal move took my wife Alison and I to Sydney where I had the best ten years designing and building modern houses full of light and glass framing the stunning views of Sydney harbour.

I have always had a love of photography and took the opportunity during my construction projects to photograph each one from start to finish to provide a record of their transformation. My camera has always accompanied me over the years on trips throughout the world, from camping in the out back of Australia (avoiding the spiders and snakes), to the jungles of Borneo (more snakes) and the mountains of Bhutan (yaks). Photography has been my way of trying to capture the experience, whether the people, the sights, the scenery or the wildlife.

My goal in creating this gallery was to take photographic images and present them in a more abstract unique way. There is a mix of fine art photography, digital paintings and black and white pictures. I will continue experimenting with new techniques to expand my portfolio. I hope you enjoy them and welcome your feedback.